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This Friday we are kicking off with an independent artist going by the name ‘YB ORIGENAL’ , hailing from North London ‘YB ORIGENAL’ is a young star on the rise, but age is just a number and ‘YB ORIGENAL’ boasts that his back catalogue by far outweighs his age in numbers. It’s all about talent and going by that; this young artist has the credentials to go all the way. We was interested to find out a bit more about ‘YB ORIGENAL’ so we ask him a few questions, this is what he had to say ;

How did the name ‘ YB ORIGENAL’ come about ?

YB was a name given to me from the streets, as I was always big for my age, I was called Uncle Brucey.  Y came in because I was actually only 16/17 years old, so I was young so called –Yung Brucey
ORIGENAL – came from me always being an outcast and different, so I even spelt the original different to make a statement?

How old are you.


Where are you from.

North London

How long have you been doing Music for.

I have been singing since I was 6 years old , but my career started when I was 14.

Who would you say your inspirations are?

My inspirations are definitely Rod Wave , J Hus and ROTIMi.

What’s your musical background?

My musical background I would say old school Afro beats such a P Square and Fela Kuti, I also listened to Gospel and Michael Jackson.

Who would most like to collab with on a track?

If I could Collab with anyone it would be ROD WAVE .. I believe both our crafts and talents would be a fine art and would be cherished for decades to come.’

Finally moving forward what have we got to look forward to from ‘ YB ORIGENAL’

More Hits , MORE PAIN MUSIC , MORE CONTENT .. I want to tell my story the right way …


Thanks to ‘ YB ORIGENAL ‘ for sparing some time for us to give u all the low down make sure to
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SNAPCHAT : yb.rrr
INSTAGRAM: yb_origenal

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