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Tory Lanez Delivers Anticipated “The New Toronto 3” Project

Tory Lanez recently shared that he hasn’t been proud of his discography the way he is about “The New Toronto 3.”
It’s a double dose of good news for Tory Lanez. Not only has Instagram decided to lift his ban on going Live, but he’s released his anticipated project The New Toronto 3. Tory has been hyping this album for weeks and recently shared the tracklist that only boasted two features from Mansa and Lil Tjay. (By Erika Marie )

Lockdown Instagram Shows


Looking for some entertainment while on lockdown ? Instagram is seeing thousands of people Worldwide logging into Live feeds from various entertainers and music artists from around the World, all offering some sort of show to keep everybody viewing occupied, to date ‘ Snoop Dogg, Tory Lanez, Michael Dappaah, Young Adzz ‘ to name a few have all graced Instagram and drawn thousands and thousands of live viewers to their feeds. So why is it that when shows are drawing so much attention this Social network companies take these peoples feeds down? Don’t see right as these people are not spreading hate or malicious content, their just lifting spirits in this terrible Worldwide crisis.


What shows are you guys watching on the Gram? we would love to see some videos, please feel free to share them in the comments.

Lil Baby Refuses To Compare His Success Timeline To Jay Z

Lil Baby won’t think about comparing himself to successful artists of previous generations because he recognizes the advantages he has today.

Read full article here on what Lil Baby is saying – https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/lil-baby-refuses-to-compare-his-success-timeline-to-jay-z-news.107362.html?utm_source=reamp&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=gotohnhh&utm_term=&utm_content=

Lil Baby video interview courtesy of Apple Music.


Quarantine Radio with Tory Lanez

With the World in crises and all we are all hearing and seeing is how many people are contracting COVID-19 as well as dying, we are all in need of that something more to keep up all our spirits ‘ Quarantine Radio ‘brought to you by Tory Lanez.

The live Instagram show is Tory Lanez at his wildest, uncensored and unfiltered unleashing his karisma for all to login as well as get involved, the show sees Tory Lanez interacting with thousands of viewers all logging in hoping for the chance to go live with Tory Lanez. Alongside the general population in the mix various other celebrity accounts can be seen to login to view and you have Tory Lanez on the Mic announcing them viewing.

Yesterday’s ‘Quarantine Radio’ show was full of high energy and within 10 mins of going live there was over 50k live viewers!!! This is something not even our own Prime Minister ‘Boris Johnson ‘ or even ‘ Donald Trump ‘ get that kind of reception at anytime at all!!! So why is it that Instagram locked off yesterday’s show twice and from two different accounts?

For something that has been bringing much needed entertainment to all people around the World, with Celebrity live appearances, Twerk contests and Sound clashes and general Savergry has had Instagram on fire for the last few days, but this seems to of all come to an abrupt end!!

With things how they are at present i think this is a perfect way to lift spirits and give us all some undiluted or establishment orchestrated fun and laughs… What’s the problem with that? Give the people what they want, things are hard enough as they are, but to go even further and medal with simple harmless fun online is not at all understandably at all..

The Toronto Rapper had this to say ‘ This is crazy at this point, my n***a,’ he said in dismay. ‘ I had 350k live, Instagram cut me off, my n***a. I made a whole brand new page n***a as aint never heard of. The Quarantine Radio. I got to a Hundred Thousand. Instagram shut me off. At this point, i don’t know what y’all want from me. i’m sorry.’

Right now if you want to see this show return it’s all about #FREETORY lets inundate Instagram and get ‘Tory Lanez’ and ‘ Quarantine Radio ‘ up and running again.



YB ORIGENAL Artist Feature



This Friday we are kicking off with an independent artist going by the name ‘YB ORIGENAL’ , hailing from North London ‘YB ORIGENAL’ is a young star on the rise, but age is just a number and ‘YB ORIGENAL’ boasts that his back catalogue by far outweighs his age in numbers. It’s all about talent and going by that; this young artist has the credentials to go all the way. We was interested to find out a bit more about ‘YB ORIGENAL’ so we ask him a few questions, this is what he had to say ;

How did the name ‘ YB ORIGENAL’ come about ?

YB was a name given to me from the streets, as I was always big for my age, I was called Uncle Brucey.  Y came in because I was actually only 16/17 years old, so I was young so called –Yung Brucey
ORIGENAL – came from me always being an outcast and different, so I even spelt the original different to make a statement?

How old are you.


Where are you from.

North London

How long have you been doing Music for.

I have been singing since I was 6 years old , but my career started when I was 14.

Who would you say your inspirations are?

My inspirations are definitely Rod Wave , J Hus and ROTIMi.

What’s your musical background?

My musical background I would say old school Afro beats such a P Square and Fela Kuti, I also listened to Gospel and Michael Jackson.

Who would most like to collab with on a track?

If I could Collab with anyone it would be ROD WAVE .. I believe both our crafts and talents would be a fine art and would be cherished for decades to come.’

Finally moving forward what have we got to look forward to from ‘ YB ORIGENAL’

More Hits , MORE PAIN MUSIC , MORE CONTENT .. I want to tell my story the right way …


Thanks to ‘ YB ORIGENAL ‘ for sparing some time for us to give u all the low down make sure to
TWITTER : yb_origenal
SNAPCHAT : yb.rrr
INSTAGRAM: yb_origenal

To purchase Wildin and support our Independent Artists do so via https://ditto.fm/wildin-yb-origenal


Bugzy Malone Crashes!!




Manchester Grime Mc & Businessman Bugzy Malone also founder of successful Bmalone clothing range who recently became engaged to his long term girlfriend and has new music with Skip Marley . The musician was filmed before and after the accident by fans and onlookers who shared the graphic footage online . He is seen injured in the road and his clothes are torn with injury to his leg and arm and passers by help him and call for ambulance He is responsive at all times and moves slightly across the road and passes his phone to someone to call someone . He is currently in hospital and is in a serious but stable condition and we send our thoughts to him and his family at this time .